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For over 55 years, Bek & Verburg has been instrumental in the collection of ship-generated waste in the ports of Rotterdam, Dordrecht and Moerdijk.
In 2000 the Company expanded its operations to the entire North Sea Channel area. (Amsterdam, IJmuiden etc.)

In addition to this coverage of ports, the Company is planning to offer her services in all Dutch ports.

Bek & Verburg also specialises in various cleaning operations for push barges, lighter barges and seagoing vessels and the treatment of damaged goods and cargo residues, including all required onsite operations.

Our multifunction crane vessels, push barges, and cleaning equipment are backed up by a large barge and/or vehicle fleet, enabling us to provide a complete range of services to our customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The implementation of the new Harbour Waste Plan for European sea ports has created a new sense of urgency to the collection of ship-generated waste.

By placing into operation its new Harbour Reception Facilities ( a licensed multipurpose recycling centre including quay facilities in the Rotterdam Botlek section), together with a comprehensive renovation and modernisation of its fleet, Bek & Verburg is well prepared to meet the significant new international challenges arising in the collection of ship-generated waste.

Bek & Verburg has been officially appointed by Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V. (the Rotterdam Harbour Authority) as collector of Marpol Annex V waste.

The operating unit comprises the entire Rotterdam port area including the ports of Dordrecht and Moerdijk.
Bek & Verburg is the service desk for the collection of all ship-generated waste, including administrative procedures and coordination with the harbour authorities as well as all environmental services required during a ship’s stay and before its departure from the port.

Bek & Verburg’s entire service package is ISO certified

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