Martime environmental services for the shipping industry

New options are becoming available to the shipping industry for the disposal of shipping waste. In the new Harbour Waste Plans, maritime ports have issued very precise descriptions of the procedures to be followed for the collection of maritime waste.

Bek & Verburg’s provides a service desk for all matters regarding ship-generated waste flows, ensuring efficient and timesaving disposal of such substances in full compliance with Dutch and international legislation.
Key capabilities:

  • One-call disposal of solid and liquid waste from engine rooms and galleys, as well as all other ship’s and cargo related waste flows.
  • Available 24 hours a day, specialising in ad-hoc solutions
  • One-stop shopping solutions for combined collection and environmental administration tasks in connection with all waste problems during a ship’s stay in the harbour
  • Multifunctional crane barges, with high reach cranes for handling general and/or bulk waste..
  • Cargo related waste, including cargo remnants and damaged cargo, can be handled and removed simultaneously with the regular shipgenerated waste with just one licensed barge.
  • Advise and sale of all required packaging and storage materials for the processing of different types of waste (including hazardous waste)

Special maritime environmental services

In addition to standard environmental services for the maritime shipping industry, Bek & Verburg also provides suitable solutions for unexpected situations with harmful effects on the environment, e.g. in cases of damage to ship cargo or equipment.

Bek & Verburg has developed a comprehensive environmental services package that ensures prompt and comprehensive resolution of such problems. Our package includes the removal, storage and transshipment, processing and disposal of waste, including completion of the corresponding administrative procedures.

Other special maritime waste services include:

  • Creation of and consulting support for environmental protection systems for the maritime shipping industry, ranging from prevention to recycling and disposal.
  • Recommendations on, and supply, sale and rental of all kind of equipment and/or materials including waste containers for on board collection and storage of shipping waste on board of seagoing vessels.
  • Waste transport by barge (including monostreams)

Active approach in maritime environmental technology

Bek & Verburg has a fleet of 10 crane barges used in the collection of ship-generated waste substances:

  • These ships can place waste containers of a maximum weight of approximately 12 tonnes on the deck of the serviced vessel up to 18 metres above the waterline.

  • In addition Bek & Verburg also has access to vehicles enabling collection of waste from quayside or harbour related companies.

  • For separate collection and temporary storage of solid waste substances on board, Bek & Verburg provides its customers with a wide range of waste containers, closed compactor containers and containers for specific hazardous waste substances as well as opencontainers for regular waste flows.

For the storage and removal of cargo remnants, tank residues and damaged cargo, etc. Bek & Verburg has access to a number of push barges, storage vessels and specially equipped warehousing and quayside facilities.

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